The only two things you need to know to save your wallet (and maybe the planet?)

One of the themes that I wanted to explore with this blog is the link between personal finance and sustainability.

But what do they have to do with each other anyway?

Aside from issues like the impacts of consumption on our wallets and planet, there’s also the question of what we can do, especially when it comes to personal action.

Here are the only two things we need to know to change behavior: We need to set up barriers for bad behavior and reduce the friction for good behaviors.

What does that mean? Let’s look at some examples: Continue reading “The only two things you need to know to save your wallet (and maybe the planet?)”

Three Shades of Green


Welcome to Moss Mint Teal (not gonna lie, way too proud of the cleverness of that blog title…).

We’re going to explore the intersections of sustainability and personal finance, while acknowledging the impacts of the bodies we inhabit.

What does that mean? For example, the level of frugality and “sustainable living” possible can vary depending on factors like weight, race, or gender:

Thrifting can be difficult when looking for plus-sized clothing.

Some workplaces can tell employees they can’t wear dreadlocks, removing a natural hairstyle option for those who want it.

Walking instead of taking a cab is more difficult after being conditioned to be concerned with physical safety, especially at night.

Whether or not a person’s body is considered to be the “default” or “high-maintenance” can influence the ability to eliminate expenses or even live more sustainably. And that’s not even getting into barriers to earning more. Continue reading “Three Shades of Green”